How to use the Electronic Card Catalog of the AGH-UST Main Library
(manual instructions)

Start the search for books found in the AGH UST Main Library with browsing our Electronic Catalog of the Main Library and faculty libraries If you do not find the searched item there, check the scanned card catalog (including EXCLUSIVELY collections of the Main Library) and the remaining card catalog located in the Library hall. If you need help contact the library staff:

How to search the scanned card catalog?

Catalog cards are sorted alphabetically according to
  • the first author’s name (publications written by one, two or three authors)
  • the title (more than three authors)
  • the name of institution, congress etc. (no authors; publications concerning institution activities, proceedings of conferences etc.)

While searching the catalog you may come cross-reference additional links zob. [see] and zob. też [see also] directing to the main card. In such cases checking the record of a searched item by the author’s name or title is necessary.

The navigation tools facilitating to browse the catalog include:
  • the letter index and the range of catalog cards within the letters
  • the buttons facilitating searching the cards within a particular range of letters

To start the search act as follows:
  • choose the letter that the author’s name or title begins with
  • out of the menu on the left the range containing the searched author’s name or book title
  • using the buttons, e.g. <1 or 1> search the cards until the searched item is found

In the card catalog there is no information whether the ordered publication is available or not (it may be on loan). If you fill the e-mail field in the order form you will get information on the book status.

How to order the searched books?

Having found a publication you need, act according to the following prompts:
  • click the Order Item button placed under the scanned card
  • fill the order form in and choose the place of the item receiving (items with call numbers beginning with C, e.g. C.3779 to the Reading Room for Periodicals, items with call numbers beginning with I, II or III, e.g. II 182127 to the General Reading Room or to the Circulating Division)
  • confirm the order by clicking Confirm Order

If you fill the e-mail field in you will be informed whether the item is available or not.

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